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    5 Reasons Realtors Should Have a Roofing Partner

    Posted on July 12th, 2023 in Company Culture

    A Dependable Roofing Contractor Can Help You Close the Deal

    As a Realtor®, you know anytime you can shepherd a swift and seamless sale or purchase of your client’s home, it’s a big success. One contributor to these successes is a partnership with an established, dependable roofing company. 

    As part of any pre-sale inspection, both sellers and buyers want to complete a thorough roof assessment, along with all necessary repairs, before closing. So roofing contractors are already, in almost every case, part of the real estate sales process. Having a trusted roofing partner in place can be convenient, can save all parties money and can even help move the sale along.

    Here are five reasons to form a partnership with a trusted roofing company (and there are many others):

    1. Roofing Partners are Good for Second Opinions

    If your buyer or seller already has a roofing company conduct a roof assessment, your trusted roofing partner will often provide a quick, free second opinion. This may save your client a lot of money on unnecessary repairs.

    1. They Can Help with Repairs

    Good contractors are hard to find. So, if a client’s roof needs repairs, a trusted roofer may worth his or her weight in gold. Not only would a dependable partner do the right, but they can also save you money, save you time researching roofing companies and get the repairs done in a timely manner.

    In other words, when you have a roofer on call, all you have to do is pick up the phone and you’ll know everything will be taken care of.

    1. They Offer Free Estimates

    Most reputable, experienced roofing contractors will gladly provide free estimates for roof repairs or replacements. Sometimes, however, they don’t. When you have a roofing partner, all that will be worked out in advance. Then, anytime the need arises, you’ll get professional, thorough estimates at no cost to you or your clients.

    1. They Can Speed up Closing 

    These last two benefits of having a trusted roofing partner contribute even more to a Realtor’s success. When repairs are required by a seller, for example, you want them done quickly and, often, you need proof that repairs were completed. A roofing partner will get you thorough reports quickly – with exactly the information you need. 

    In turn, since you don’t have to wait for your report, this should help speed up closing.  

    1. They Can Help Get the House Sold

    A trusted roofing company partner is beneficial for all parties – the buyer, the seller, the agents, the mortgage company – everybody. 

    When roof inspections, repairs or replacements are called for (which is the case in most transactions), a roofing partner will get the work done quickly, efficiently and professionally. Knowing that this big hurdle is going to be handled means more peace of mind for everyone involved, and one less (major) thing for your buyer to be worried about.

    A good roofer simply means more sales. WE CAN HELP YOU CLOSE THE DEAL! 

    Partnering with Jenkins Roofing and Construction

    At Jenkins, we’ve been helping Realtors (and their clients) take care of home roofing issues for more than 50 years. And, just like you, we’re always looking for dependable, professional partners.

    As a third-generation roofing company dedicated to doing things right, we’re here to answer all your questions about roofs, our warranty (the best in Texas, thank you very much), our many certifications, how we work with Realtors or anything else. 

    To schedule a conversation – or set up a free, no obligation roof inspection – just click here or call (817) 886-6710.