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    What to Look for on a Commercial Roofing Estimate

    Posted on January 15th, 2024 in Commercial Roofing

    What to Look for on a Commercial Roofing Estimate

    When reviewing a commercial roofing project estimate, there are several key factors that business owners or property managers should consider to determine the best commercial roofer for the job. Since Jenkins Roofing & Construction has been around for several decades, we wanted to share some important aspects to look for:

    Detailed Scope of Work:

    • A comprehensive and detailed scope of work outlining all aspects of the roofing project, including materials to be used, specific tasks to be performed, and any additional services.

    Material Specifications:

    • Clear specifications for the roofing materials, including the type, brand, and quality. Make sure the proposed materials meet industry standards and are suitable for the specific needs of your commercial building.

    Timeline and Project Schedule:

    • A realistic timeline with a detailed project schedule. This should include start and completion dates for each phase of the project, allowing you to plan accordingly.

    Cost Breakdown:

    • A transparent and detailed cost breakdown that clearly outlines the expenses associated with labor, materials, permits, and any additional costs. This helps you understand where your money is going.

    Insurance and Licensing:

    • Confirmation of the roofer’s insurance coverage and licensing. A reputable commercial roofer should have the necessary insurance to cover any potential accidents or damages during the project.

    Warranty Information:

    • Information on warranties for both materials and workmanship. A reliable commercial roofer should offer a warranty that provides coverage for a reasonable period after the completion of the project.

    References and Portfolio:

    • Request references from previous clients and ask for a portfolio showcasing completed commercial roofing projects. This allows you to assess the roofer’s experience and the quality of their work.

    Communication and Accessibility:

    • Assess the roofer’s communication style and accessibility. A good roofer should be responsive to your inquiries, provide updates on the project’s progress, and address any concerns promptly.

    Local Reputation:

    • Check the roofer’s reputation in the local community. Online reviews, testimonials, and word-of-mouth recommendations can provide insights into the roofer’s reliability and customer satisfaction.

    Compliance with Codes and Regulations:

    • Ensure that the roofer is familiar with and adheres to local building codes and regulations. This helps prevent issues during inspections and ensures the roofing project meets legal requirements.

    By carefully reviewing these factors in commercial roofing project estimates, you can make an informed decision and choose the best commercial roofer for your business or property. Just remember, not all roofers are the same.