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    Metal Commercial Roofs

    The Most Durable Material – Metal

    The most durable and often the most expensive material you can put on your roof is standing seam metal roofing. Continuous panels run from the top of the ridge down to the eaves. Between each panel is a fastener that is raised above the level of the metal roofing. This is where we get the term standing seam because the seam between the panels is raised or standing above the panels.



    • Unique style / look
    • Long life cycle (50 Years)
    • Very lightweight
    • Energy efficient
    • Hail Resistant
    • Insurance Discounts
    • Low maintenance


    • Expensive
    • Not very walkable
    • Insurance can be difficult to work with
      (i.e. cosmetic damage only)

    Our Preferred Manufacturer of Metal Roofing

    We often work with two local suppliers of stone-coated roof panels: McElroy & Mueller