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    Recently, a friend asked me as his “Insurance Expert” if his house was covered for water damage.

    The short answer was: Homeowners’ insurance does cover certain types of water damage but not others, depending on the cause.

    Fortunately, most home insurances offer coverage for: 

    • Water damage from pipes that freeze up and burst on you
    • An appliance or bathroom fixture leaking
    • A storm blowing a tree through your roof and rain pouring in

    “If the cause is gradual and preventable, including wear and tear or a lack of maintenance, then water damage is generally not covered by home insurance. For example, damage caused by a leak from a rusty old pipe or a roof with missing shingles past its replacement age is likely not covered.” 

    As a Licensed Insurance agent, I always recommend that if you find any type of water leak, you try to stop it at the source or call a professional to do it right away before it causes more harm. The most important you control the damage is to document what happened the best you can by:

    • Take pictures of the damage.
    • Capture notes on when, where, and how it happened the best you can.
    • If you can, make sure you know what caused it and add that to your notes, this will help your carrier identify the proper coverages if you file a claim.
    • If it is weather related, make sure you get some documentation from the news, newspaper, or the Weather channel / APP.

    The next step is to inspect it right away before you decide to make a claim, and if it is roof related, I refer folks all the time to fantastic companies like @Jenkins Roofing.

    The most important thing is to find the issue, stop the leak from doing more harm, pause, then decide on a course of action; often, a simple repair does not need to drive a claim.

    Most people are unaware that any claim, whether any money is paid or not, could potentially impact your coverages and insurance costs in the future.
    I recommend that it is best to speak to a licensed repair professional and your agent to determine if you should file a claim before making a claim.