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    As an industry, roofers tend to get a bad rap. This is, of course, due to the solo or traveling roofers that chase bad weather and damaged homes, swooping down into storm-drenched or wind-torn communities claiming they’re a legitimate operation and providing homeowners with a quick, easy solution. In many cases, these “quick” and “easy” solutions lead to even more problems, leaving homeowners with nowhere to turn. For these opportunists, it’s more about grabbing insurance money versus giving you the quality, expertly installed, guaranteed roof you and your family deserve.

    These roofers have no history and no reputation.

    Jenkins Roofing, on the other hand, is the refreshing opposite of these in-and-out-of-town roofers. We have been in the DFW area for more than five decades, proud to be the third generation of a quality, caring roofing family. We’re a well-established, proven company with hundreds of positive online reviews. We even have a file cabinet full of wonderful customer letters – both thank-you letters and recommendations – from before the internet existed.

    Before you hire a roofer to work on your home – likely, the largest investment of your life – look into their history and reputation. Next time a storm comes through, this little bit of research can mean a whole lot of peace of mind.

    “Matt was awesome to work with! He went above and beyond to make sure our roof was replaced to our satisfaction, and the job was done in a timely manner. I highly recommend Matt and Jenkins Roofing.”

    Laura Hoffman

    Leading by Example

    A company’s history and reputation don’t just happen. Both are earned.

    At Jenkins Roofing, we’ve always done things right. Whether you’re meeting with one of our field specialists or calling our in-house claims support, the Jenkins team is 100% local and 110% here to help. We take pride in our work, and in giving customers like you the best roofing repair or replacement experience possible.

    In 1968, R.L. Jenkins founded Jenkins in Grand Prairie, Texas, where he quickly established a reputation for quality work at a fair price. Nearly ten years later, R.L.’s son Jack Jenkins took over as the head of the company, and continued the family tradition of roofing excellence for more than four decades. Now, after more than 50 years in business, Jack’s son Todd Jenkins is carrying the torch forward with that same passion for placing the needs of the customer first at all times.

    “Jenkins Roofing is simply the best of the best. Todd is a man of integrity – he listens and does what he says. His crews will go the extra mile. They leave your property in better condition than when they arrived. If you want a pleasant roofing experience, choose Jenkins Roofing.”

    Tex A.

    The Importance of History

    This history of a company is often a clear indication of the way they do business today, which is why it’s vital that you learn about a company’s history before choosing to work with them.

    When you understand the values of a company, and those values align with your own, you’re more inclined to be a satisfied customer and do business with them again. A company’s history also tells the story of how well they’ve taken care of their consumers. Without this important part of their history, no company would last very long (let alone the 50-plus years Jenkins has been serving the DFW area).

    The world is full of stories – of businesses that thrived through tough times or of people who grew a business into something spectacular – and these stories are part of a company’s DNA. A strong company history often leads to a story with a happy ending for any of its customers.

    “I had experienced wind damage and needed roof repair so I contacted Jenkins. Glad I did! They sent Randy to my house within just a couple of hours of my call. He was professional, courteous and very knowledgeable. He returned on the day of my insurance inspection and was very helpful in the process. Installation was quick and easy, and Randy even came out to check everything once installation was complete.”

    Diane Seymour

    The Importance of Reputation

    In today’s digital world, a company’s reputation is reflected primarily through customer reviews – this is the modern word-of-mouth.

    According to a BrightLocal survey, 91% of consumers say that a positive review makes them more likely to use a business. And since 98% report reading reviews at least occasionally when looking for a local business, it’s easy to see how these reviews can be so influential.

    But not every aspect of a review is given the same weight. The two most important factors consumers look for are overall star rating and recency, many saying a review should be within the last two weeks of reading. To get an overall view of a company’s reputation, consumers will read an average of 10 reviews.

    In other words, reputation is important and consumers are putting in the work to uncover all the details – good and bad. Before choosing a roofing company (or any company, for that matter), you should read a lot of reviews.

    “Seriously, I don’t have the words to express my gratitude for this company! I have referred them to my real estate clients several times and, each time, they exceeded all expectations! They are my go-to roofers! Jenkins Roofing is the best around – hands down!”

    Kris Drees

    Look into Jenkins

    At Jenkins Roofing, we have a history that shows dedication, quality and a high level of customer service. And our reviews are evidence of very happy customers.

    Recently, a friend asked me as his “Insurance Expert” if his house was covered for water damage.

    The short answer was: Homeowners’ insurance does cover certain types of water damage but not others, depending on the cause.

    Fortunately, most home insurances offer coverage for: 

    • Water damage from pipes that freeze up and burst on you
    • An appliance or bathroom fixture leaking
    • A storm blowing a tree through your roof and rain pouring in

    “If the cause is gradual and preventable, including wear and tear or a lack of maintenance, then water damage is generally not covered by home insurance. For example, damage caused by a leak from a rusty old pipe or a roof with missing shingles past its replacement age is likely not covered.” 

    As a Licensed Insurance agent, I always recommend that if you find any type of water leak, you try to stop it at the source or call a professional to do it right away before it causes more harm. The most important you control the damage is to document what happened the best you can by:

    • Take pictures of the damage.
    • Capture notes on when, where, and how it happened the best you can.
    • If you can, make sure you know what caused it and add that to your notes, this will help your carrier identify the proper coverages if you file a claim.
    • If it is weather related, make sure you get some documentation from the news, newspaper, or the Weather channel / APP.

    The next step is to inspect it right away before you decide to make a claim, and if it is roof related, I refer folks all the time to fantastic companies like @Jenkins Roofing.

    The most important thing is to find the issue, stop the leak from doing more harm, pause, then decide on a course of action; often, a simple repair does not need to drive a claim.

    Most people are unaware that any claim, whether any money is paid or not, could potentially impact your coverages and insurance costs in the future.
    I recommend that it is best to speak to a licensed repair professional and your agent to determine if you should file a claim before making a claim.

    As of April 1 2021, U.S. military members are no longer required to mail-in their military documents for the $250 GAF Roof for Troops rebate.

    GAF now allows for INSTANT VERIFICATION, and Jenkins Roofing can even send this information for you!

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