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    Liquid Coating

    Liquid Coating

    Liquid / Elastomeric Coating
    Certain roofs can be revitalized and make it another 10-20 years with either acrylic or silicone based elastomeric coatings. These coatings exhibit exceptional exterior durability and UV stability, along with excellent flexibility in dynamic temperature environments like we have here in North Texas. Coatings are typically done in a four step process, where we clean the roof, apply a flashing coat in all of the problem areas and penetrations, followed by a base coat and finally a finish coat. The thickness or number of gallons used per square is what determines your warranty.


    • Extends the life of your roof
    • Energy efficient
    • Low cost compered to replacement
    • Easy to apply
    • Walkable


    • Not as good as full replacement
    • Can have issues in areas that pond water

    Our Preferred Brand of Coatings

    We typically work with Mulehide as our preferred vendor for Coating projects.

    Mule-Hide Products